What is an orthodontic treatment coordinator and why do we have them?

What is an orthodontic treatment coordinator and why do we have them?

Posted by IDC Team | 31st August 2023 | Team News

Here at Inspired, we fully utilise our orthodontic treatment coordinators to offer our patients dedicated support throughout their orthodontic treatment with us.

A dental orthodontic treatment coordinator is a crucial member of our practice’s workflow and patient journey, facilitating communication between the clinicians, patients, and administrative staff. Our orthodontic coordinators act as liaisons, ensuring that our patients receive the necessary information relating to their treatment plans and appointments, and handle sensitive information relating to the finances of their orthodontic treatment.

Our orthodontic treatment coordinators are GDC registered, meaning they can be more hands-on within the patient’s journey from the outset. Being a clinical TCO means being responsible for the patient’s primary contact with the dental practice during the initial orthodontic consultation. During this appointment, they will take the time to understand the patients’ needs and reasons for seeking treatments with us. Treatment coordinators talk through all potential treatment options and their average costing, in addition to performing an intra-oral scan using our state of the art iTero digital scanner. Sometimes a full set of intra-oral and extra-oral clinical photos is taken to support the future clinical examination with our orthodontic practitioners. Having gathered the data and written a report of the appointment, this is passed onto to our orthodontic clinicians so that they have a better idea of what the patient’s expectations are and how complex the case might before they meet the patients. When our patients meet their appropriate clinician at the follow-up appointment, the clinician is able to have a more streamlined approach, focusing on specific aspects, tailoring the appointment to the patients’ needs and expectations.

It is however important to note, the initial consultation, which is undertaken by the treatment coordinator is not a diagnostic appointment as only orthodontic clinicians are able to diagnose and treatment plan cases. Despite not being able to diagnose or treatment plan, treatment coordinators are a vital part of our patient journey as they are able to invest the time to discuss potential options you might be suitable for. Our treatment coordinators complement our clinical examinations and enhance our comprehensive service.

A major responsibility for our orthodontic treatment coordinators is to work closely with our patients throughout their journey. Once diagnosed and a treatment plan has been achieved for every case, our treatment coordinators will support the patients performing treatment plan reviews helping explain all aspects of the proposed treatment, associated costings, frequency of appointments, etc.

Our orthodontic coordinators also handle the administrative aspects of our patients’ including scheduling all appointments in relation to their orthodontic care. Our orthodontic coordinators also take responsibility of managing the financial coordination of their treatment plans and finance agreements. As a practice, we offer finance options and are able to create bespoke finance packages.

A day in the life of our orthodontic treatment coordinator – Brittany

“No two days are the same and I love the variety and diversity of being a treatment coordinator. Each day typically consists of initial orthodontic consultations, whether that is in person, utilising the intra-oral scanner and performing clinical photography; or virtually, to discuss what they are looking for. I may see patients for other clinical aspects such as suture removal post-implant surgery or may see patients for prescribed CBCT’s, post-whitening photography, but my days are usually filled with orthodontic related aspects including my favourite appointment: the ‘final check out’ after orthodontic treatments. In this appointment I usually take the final set of clinical photos, comparing to their initial photos and scans; it’s always a powerful and emotional appointment. I feel grateful to be the initial and final contact to the patient on behalf of the practice and being responsible for welcoming and leaving the patient with a positive feeling has a huge impact on both their treatment journey and the practice’s reputation”

In summary, our orthodontic treatment coordinators play an important role from start to finish during an orthodontic patients’ treatment journey within our dental practice. They are responsible for ensuring that our patients have a positive experience during their treatment, right from the initial contact point of phone or email to their discharge appointment, offering guidance and support during all stages of their journey.

Brittany says: “I would certainly recommend the job!”

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