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Dental Implants Exeter, Devon

Dental implants are an advanced method of rebuilding your smile. This treatment is perfect for patients looking to replace missing, fractured or decaying teeth, as our bespoke ceramic crowns are reliable substitutes that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Dental implants are permanent fixtures, so they must be done right. That’s why we promise high-quality, comfortable treatment in Exeter, focused on your needs. Before any procedure, our Implant Surgeon will curate a tailored treatment plan for your case. We also colour-match our crown fixtures to ensure your implants camouflage with the rest of your smile.

When it comes to dental implants, there is a solution for everyone. You may only need a single tooth replacement. If not, we offer many options, such as attaching multiple crowns to a bridge via four implants (All-On-Four) or full-arch restorations for those desiring a complete set of new teeth.


Teeth play a central role in your physical appearance and having healthy teeth it is not only about their function. Smiling is an important part of your life and it is also good for your health. For these reasons, dental implant restorations are made to match your existing or past natural teeth giving you back your smile.


Dental implants are a durable, painless and convenient restoration. They can also last a lifetime when cared for correctly. Afterwards, you can eat what you wish, speak comfortably and laugh again with ease. Smiling is an integral part of life and good for our health, which is why we love to give our patients the courage to do so.


Your dental implant journey begins with a consultation with our Implant Expert, who will discuss your concerns and personal wishes to create a tailored treatment plan. They might take x-rays and scan your mouth. Once they’ve curated the plan and you are happy, they will arrange appointment times to proceed with treatment.

As mentioned earlier, our Implant Expert will gently make an incision into your gum to secure the small titanium screw into your jaw bone. This is a gentle and painless procedure; however, it does require a healing period to allow the implant to integrate with the bone. Once healed, we will create the link between the implants and the tailored-made crowns/bridge/denture with abutments, filling the missing gaps in your smile.


Dental implants can bring back quality of life, comfort and aesthetics with teeth that look, feel and function like your natural ones. Find out more at a complimentary consultation.

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FAQ: Dental Implants Exeter

Missing teeth can affect your face more than you realise, and the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes. For instance, you can encounter up to 25% bone loss in the first year of tooth loss. 

Your existing teeth may also shift to fill space, which can cause bite problems, headaches, TMD or facial collapse. We recommend replacing missing teeth with dental implants as soon as possible to avoid future issues.

Our Implant Surgeon can restore your smile by replacing missing, damaged or failing teeth. During treatment, they will gently secure a small titanium screw into your jawbone to mimic a tooth root. Once healed, they will attach an abutment (connecting piece) to the screw to secure a bespoke ceramic crown. During this procedure, they can also combine a dental bridge or secure loose dentures.

The titanium screw can preserve the bone structure to avoid bone atrophy and facial collapse.

  • Enhance your natural smile by filling gaps from tooth loss. Our crowns feel, look and function like natural teeth.
  • We can replace single or multiple teeth, including full arches. 
  • It’s a relatively painless procedure. 
  • Support and strengthen the surrounding teeth and tissues after tooth loss. 
  • Fix facial collapse, which can significantly improve your appearance and reduce signs of ageing. 
  • Improve your ability to speak, chew and laugh. 
  • Ease the constant worry of wearing loose dentures. 
  • Reduce the chances of developing a poor bite (malocclusion). After tooth loss, your existing teeth can shift to fill the space. As a result, you may develop a poor bite, headaches or TMD. 
  • Prevent bone loss and infection. 
  • End the need for fillings, as you’ll no longer get cavities. 
  • Ease sensitive teeth. 
  • Dental implants are more durable, aesthetic and easier to clean than dentures. 

Dental implants are an excellent treatment for filling missing or decaying teeth in patients over the age of 18. 

Sometimes dental implant surgery may not work for you, especially if you suffer, or have suffered, from Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease). The reason for this is gum disease destroys the underlying bone and tissues necessary to secure the implant. If you have suffered from gum disease, we will assess your suitability on a case-by-case basis to see if you can have treatment. So don’t worry; we won’t automatically rule you out. If you show signs of gum disease, we must address these concerns before pursuing dental implant treatment. At Inspired Dental, we can advise you on how to care for your oral health and reduce recurrent gum problems. 

Dental implant surgery has a high success rate for most patients. However, for smokers, there is a higher chance of implant failure (11%) due to tobacco and nicotine causing the blood vessels in the gum tissues to constrict. There’s also a higher chance of failure for patients susceptible to gum disease.

The treatment duration spans 3-4 months due to the healing process. But, we can complete the placement surgery in one sitting, which should only take one to two hours. 

Dental implants are relatively painless, though you might feel slight discomfort straight after placement surgery. We’re always gentle when securing the implant to your bone to avoid damage to the surrounding tissues. During the procedure, you’ll also be under local anaesthesia. 

It’s pretty simple! Unlike dentures, dental implants aren’t removable, so you should care for them just like your natural teeth. We recommend frequent visits to your dentist and hygienist, brushing your teeth for two minutes twice daily, and flossing. If you show signs of Bruxism (teeth grinding), we suggest wearing a custom mouthguard when sleeping to protect your fixtures.

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