Dental Fillings


White fillings can be a simple and affordable way to lift your smile. Made from tooth coloured resins we use several shades and opacities to match your new filling to your natural teeth making them imperceptible to the common eye.


If you present with established decay, chipped teeth or want to improve the look of your old restorations, fillings are a good and effective way to repair teeth that have been damaged. Fillings help restore teeth damaged by decay back to their normal function, and can prevent further decay.

At Inspired Dental Care we opt for composite fillings as they offer the most conservative and natural looking solution. These are ideal to restore cracked or chipped teeth and for repairing cavities caused by tooth decay.

Composite fillings are placed onto the teeth to restore function and aesthetics. Like your natural teeth a composite filling can become stained over time with normal habits such as red wine, tea or coffee. It is therefore important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene and schedule regular oral health examinations to ensure your restoration remain at its best condition.

All our fillings have extended warranty for members of our dental plans


As part of your routine oral health examination your dentist will examine the surface of each tooth to check and observe for any signs of caries and other possible dental problems.

Any abnormalities will be looked at in detail using radiographs and intra-oral photography. The type of treatment required will be determined in accordance with the latest guidelines.

At Inspired Dental Care it is our priority to involve you in the treatment planning process. We will discuss all the treatment options available to you and what is involved throughout each procedure.

No, having a filling shouldn’t hurt. At the beginning of any dental procedure you will be offered a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the teeth to be treated. We always use a topical gel that helps to make the injection more comfortable.

Composite fillings are made of a durable material and are designed to last many years. However, eventually over time your filling will need to be replaced. The best way to extend the life of your dental restorations is to visit your dentist regularly and maintain good oral hygiene.

Composite fillings are made of a tooth coloured resin material constructed of powdered plastic and glass particles. The filling material is cured with a special light that hardens the filling as it is placed onto the tooth.

The filling material is manufactured in several shades and opacities so can be matched to the shade of your own teeth giving a natural and discreet finish.

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