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Posted by IDC Team | 04 December 2023

Does my Oral health effect my general health? It is increasingly common to hear that the links between oral health is vital for overall health and this is becoming increasingly...

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Posted by IDC Team | 23 November 2023

In certain cases, a multi-staged approach is required in dentistry to achieve the desired outcome. You as the patient, or we as the practice, may feel it is necessary to...

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Posted by IDC Team | 19 November 2023

Facial aesthetics refer to the area of healthcare that focuses on enhancing the natural appearance of the face. It includes a variety of treatments and procedures that can improve facial...

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Posted by IDC Team | 25 September 2023

Russell is Inspired’s Associate Dentist and joined us earlier this year. Russell graduated in 2020 from the Peninsula Dental School, where he was mentored by one of Inspired’s practice owners...

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Posted by IDC Team | 15 September 2023

Many people ask, what the difference between Invisalign® and fixed braces is when it comes to tooth movement. Aren’t they both orthodontic appliances? Yes, they absolutely are and the final...

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Posted by IDC Team | 31 August 2023

Here at Inspired, we fully utilise our orthodontic treatment coordinators to offer our patients dedicated support throughout their orthodontic treatment with us. A dental orthodontic treatment coordinator is a crucial...

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Posted by IDC Team | 19 March 2018

Have you thought about straighter teeth? Why not take advantage of our £500 discount* on Invisalign! T&C’s apply. Call the team for more information.

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Posted by IDC Team | 01 March 2018

Hannah and Sophie have been busy with their training for their upcoming Marathons. Your support is very much appreciated.

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Posted by IDC Team | 15 February 2018

Another successful Whitening Wednesday completed! If you would like to take advantage of our Boutique Home Teeth Whitening package for the promotional price of £250.00 give us a call on...

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Posted by IDC Team | 01 February 2018

The team are very excited to announce we have been shortlisted for an Exeter Living Award 2018 in the category, Health & Wellbeing! Great start to the year 🙂

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