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Posted by IDC Team | 14 June 2024

A beautiful smile can be a powerful asset, portraying confidence and charisma. However, dental issues such as tooth decay, cracks or discolouration can affect the health and appearance of your...

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Posted by IDC Team | 07 June 2024

Dental anxiety is a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide. Whether it stems from past negative experiences, fear of pain or general anxiety, it can prevent individuals from...

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Posted by IDC Team | 31 May 2024

Aesthetic, often called, cosmetic dentistry can be your answer to unlocking new found confidence. In today’s image-conscious society, the quest for a perfect smile has become a top priority for...

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Posted by IDC Team | 11 April 2024

Orthodontic treatment via traditional fixed braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign®, often marks the end of a long journey towards achieving a beautiful and straight smile. However, the journey...

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Posted by IDC Team | 10 April 2024

Pregnancy is a journey filled with anticipation and excitement, but it also comes with a heightened need for self-care. Many expecting mothers are unaware of the significant impact that oral...

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Posted by IDC Team | 09 April 2024

Dentistry stands out in the realm of healthcare as an essential component of overall wellbeing. While many individuals used to be able to rely on public dental services, unfortunately this...

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Posted by IDC Team | 19 March 2024

Tired of feeling self-conscious about your smile? Do you hide your teeth when you laugh? Do you avoid smiling in photos? If these questions resonate with you, you are not...

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Posted by IDC Team | 18 March 2024

In the world of modern dentistry, dental implants have revolutionised the way we restore missing teeth, improve aesthetics and function. Uncomfortable dentures or bridges that don’t match the feel of...

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Posted by IDC Team | 28 February 2024

“No ordinary whitening!” Enlighten teeth whitening have recently rebranded their B1 Guarantee systems and home whitening systems to a simpler, unified system: EVO4 Here at Inspired, we have always provided...

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Posted by IDC Team | 26 February 2024

We are immensely proud to announce that Inspired Dental Care has been awarded the highly prestigious ‘Best Private Dental Practice’ Award by Global Health and Pharma in the 2023 Oral...

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