Private dentistry at Inspired Dental Care: Providing comprehensive and bespoke dental care

Private dentistry at Inspired Dental Care: Providing comprehensive and bespoke dental care

Posted by IDC Team | 9th April 2024 | Team News

Dentistry stands out in the realm of healthcare as an essential component of overall wellbeing. While many individuals used to be able to rely on public dental services, unfortunately this is not currently easily accessed for most anymore. Private dentistry offers a unique set of advantages that cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Private dentistry is an increasingly popular choice for patients seeking comprehensive, bespoke care.

Bespoke Care
One of the primary benefits of private dentistry at inspired dental care is the bespoke care that every single patient receives. Unlike most public dental services, our private dental practice, Inspired Dental Care prioritises the details. Our expert team take the time to understand each patient’s unique dental history, concerns and goals. This personalised approach fosters a strong patient-clinician relationship built on trust and understanding.

Advanced Treatment Options
Our private dental practice continuously invests in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, allowing us to offer advanced treatment options not always available in public settings. From digital imaging to advanced aesthetic procedures and dental implantology, our private dental practice provides access to cutting edge-techniques that can enhance both the quality and efficiency of our dental care.

Extended appointments
Another advantage of private dentistry is the availability of extended appointment times. Unlike most public sector clinics that must operate under very tight time schedules, our private dental practice allocates more times for each appointment, enabling our clinicians to thoroughly address patient concerns, provide comprehensive examinations and deliver meticulous treatments without our patients feeling rushed.

Our private practice typically offers more flexibility in scheduling appointments, making it easier for patients to find convenient times that fit with our patients’ busy lifestyles. Additionally, here at Inspired Dental Care we prioritise prompt scheduling for emergencies, ensuring our patients receive timely care when unforeseen dental issues arrive.

Preventative Care
In our private dental clinic, there is a strong emphasis on preventative care and patient education. Our clinicians work closely with patients to develop personalised oral hygiene routines, provide dietary recommendations and offer preventative treatments such as fluoride applications and dental fissure sealants. By empowering our patients to take a proactive approach in maintaining their oral health, private dentistry aims to prevent dental problems before they arise.

Our private dental practice prioritises patient comfort, creating a welcoming and relaxing environment designed to alleviate dental anxiety and promote a positive experience. From comfortable waiting areas to amenities such as complimentary refreshments and entertainment options, our private practice strives to make dental visits as pleasant as possible for our patients of all ages.

Comprehensive services
For those seeking aesthetic enhancements to their smiles, private dentistry offers a wide range of aesthetic dental services. From teeth whitening, veneers to orthodontic treatments using Invisalign®, our private dental practice helps our patients achieve the smile they’ve always desired, enhancing their confidence and self-esteem in the process.

Continuity of Care
Our private dental practice prides itself on continuity of care, allowing our patients to build long-term relationships with our clinicians. This continuity fosters trust and familiarity, ensuring that our patients receive consistent, personalised treatment tailored to their evolving dental needs over time.

In conclusion, private dentistry offers a host of benefits that cater to our patients seeking personalised, comprehensive and advanced dental care. From personalised attention and advanced treatment options to flexible scheduling and a focus on preventative care, our private dental practice strives to exceed our patient’s expectations and deliver exceptional oral health outcomes. whether you are looking to maintain optimal oral health or enhance the appearance of your smile, our clinicians provide the expertise and utilise modern technology with a personalised approach necessary to achieve your dental goals.

Contact us today to schedule your new patient consultation and see how our dental practice can help you achieve your dental goals.


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