Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers

Posted by IDC Team | 23rd November 2023 | Team News

In certain cases, a multi-staged approach is required in dentistry to achieve the desired outcome. You as the patient, or we as the practice, may feel it is necessary to incorporate numerous treatments to ensure oral health is achieved alongside an aesthetically pleasing smile. A smile makeover is a bespoke treatment package that varies from simple and routine dentistry to expert level treatment.

Does your smile impact your confidence? Here at Inspired Dental Care, we can change that.

What treatments can be combined?

Well, almost everything! From root canals, fillings, crowns and whitening; to teeth straightening (with conventional braces and Invisalign®), dental bridges and dental implants, our highly experienced clinicians will be able to prescribe exactly the right treatment plan for you.

A smile makeover is always meticulously planned by our clinicians to deliver the best care to achieve your desired smile whilst acting in a preventative and minimalistic way. Our clinicians will work with you to develop the bespoke treatment plan for you. Firstly, an initial in-depth oral health assessment has to be carried out to establish the general health of the oral cavity. There is no textbook or ‘one size fits all’ approach to a smile makeover so sometimes we require multiple assessments by different experts to the achieve the right treatment plan for you.

We are very proud to offer most general and expert dental treatments all under one roof, meaning your complete smile makeover can be carried out right here at Inspired Dental Care, giving you complete peace at mind throughout your entire journey and enabling you to build a trusted relationship with our entire team.  We believe that to achieve that dream smile you have always longed for, there should be an excellent line of communication between yourself as a patient, your treating clinician(s) and our trusted dental technicians where necessary.

How does it work?

The aim of a smile makeover or multistage approach is to improve your smile by taking into consideration all aspects of your facial appearance such as hair colour, skin tone, tooth shape, lips, and gums.

Smile makeovers can be lengthy, depending on the treatment that is prescribed for you. So, we believe it is really important for you as the patient to have the opportunity to establish a good rapport with all of our clinicians, nurses, admin team and treatment coordinators. We are all here for you and your entire journey will be fully supported by one of our in-house dedicated treatment coordinators, their purpose is to guide you throughout your journey, being on-hand to answer and questions you may have.

Who will treat me?

Our clinicians are highly trained in specific fields of dentistry so that they can perform expert dental treatments. This means that you may be treated by more than one clinician, but don’t worry, they are all friendly and highly trained in their fields of expertise!


Endodontic or complex aesthetic treatment – Treated by Dr Amish Bhayani

Invisalign®, Orthodontic or dental implant treatment – Treated by Dr Andre Faro Leite

General dental treatments and facial aesthetic treatments – Treated by Dr Russell Hashemi

Hygiene and periodontal treatment – Treated by Sarah Hardie

If you would like to find out more about any of our clinicians, nurses or admin team, head over to meet the team and read more.

As part of our digital smile design service, we listen to your individual needs and expectations, taking into consideration your personal life, work life and financial circumstances. We provide you with professional advice and recommendations to help you achieve a brilliant smile and oral health.

British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accredited clinicians

Here at Inspired Dental Care in Exeter, we are proud to home BACD gold member dentists “The BACD is a world-leading authority on cosmetic dentistry. BACD dentists offer patients the latest treatment solutions including smile makeovers”.  Are you seeking a new smile? Our aim is to provide the people of Exeter and surrounding areas with contemporary dental treatments of excellence from simple routine dental care to complex and expert care.

What are your concerns?

Are you unhappy with the current shade of your teeth? A course of professional tooth whitening can transform the overall appearance of your smile and remove yellow or darkening stains caused by aging or diet. We offer numerous tooth whitening packages, tailored to your individual needs.

Have you ever struggled to clean your teeth due to misalignment? Is it hard to get floss between those lower front teeth and you constantly find a build up of hard yellow plaque behind them? Correcting crowded and poorly positioned teeth with orthodontic straightening and alignment correctly with processes such as braces or Invisalign®, can overcome these issues.

Are there spaces between your teeth that you wish weren’t there? Uneven gaps due to missing teeth, teeth, drifting, trauma or simply the natural shape of your teeth can affect the appearance of your smile. Numerous treatments can be used to correct this issue such as dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, orthodontics or composite bonding. Our expert clinicians will assess each case individually to provide the correct treatment plan for your smile makeover.

Facial aesthetic treatments can also be a part of a smile makeover. The desire of fuller lips to disguise a ‘gummy smile’ is often requested. Wit

What makes us different?

Inspired Dental Care is an multi award-winning, private independent dental practice with a highly skilled team of dental professionals. In addition, we constantly invest in courses and dental technology, continuously modernising our approach to your care. For example, using our state-of-the-art intra oral scanners, we can display visual aids of how we would expect to see your teeth after your smile makeover – before we even get started! In some cases, we can take photos and scans of your teeth to send to one of our wonderful lab technicians, who can create an example smile design for you to assess. Hold your new smile in your hands, touch and feel the shape and contouring of your teeth and have the opportunity to make adjustments-we are led by you.

Feel free to request photos of previous patient’s makeovers to see how we have transformed their lives and how we can transform yours! Head over to our social media pages to see some of our favourite cases, you will see the quality and skillset of our clinicians.

How to get started?

Contact us now to book your initial complimentary consultation with one of our treatment coordinators and take the opportunity to discuss what it is you would like to change or achieve from your smile makeover and what you are currently unhappy with your dental and facial appearance.

It is important to note that a smile makeover may not always be a necessary a cosmetic procedure. Of course, we love enhancing your smiles, making smiles whiter and brighter, but achieving oral health is always our main goal.

Whatever your reason is, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We are here for all patients and all concerns, helping you smile confidently.

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