Enlighten® teeth whitening

Enlighten® teeth whitening

Posted by IDC Team | 28th February 2024 | Team News

“No ordinary whitening!”

Enlighten teeth whitening have recently rebranded their B1 Guarantee systems and home whitening systems to a simpler, unified system: EVO4

Here at Inspired, we have always provided our whitening patients with Enlighten treatments as we know they give amazing and reliable results and since they have launched their new product… well we couldn’t be more impressed!

It is important to know that teeth whitening is a prescription-only product and therefore can only be dispensed and administered by a qualified, registered and licensed dental professional. Please be cautious when undergoing teeth whitening treatment to ensure you are being treated safely and legally, using regulated products.

Teeth whitening is a safe way of brightening your smile, giving you the confidence to smile wide! Self- confidence is liberating and here at Inspired we agree with Enlighten when they say that gaining confidence through a bright, healthy smile should be effortless too.

The latest EVO4 formula is the fastest and most effective whitening system yet.

One of our highly trained dental professionals here at Inspired will scan your teeth using our state-of-the-art intraoral scanners to enable Enlighten laboratory technicians to create precision-designed custom whitening trays. The incredible whitening results are due to the attention to detail taken when creating your bespoke whitening trays which are digitally designed and manufactured using quantum accuracy in exclusive dental laboratories.

In addition, Enlighten’s fully refrigerated supply chain means the whitening gel remains Ph neutral and is the freshest it can possibly be when you start your whitening treatment here at Inspired.

EVO4 is guaranteed to give Vita B1 results – this is the lightest shade on the natural shade guide- in as little as three weeks! This system is designed to be utilised solely at home, without the need of compromises or making changes to your schedule. There are not many guarantees in life but Enlighten will guarantee you achieve the B1 result or lighter when using their EVO4 system providing you are an eligible patient for the treatment!

How does it work?
The active ingredient in the Enlighten whitening gel will penetrate the dental enamel on your teeth whilst you sleep to achieve a long-lasting white smile! The active oxygen molecules in the whitening agent react with discoloured molecules within the tooth’s structure and whitens the entire tooth, whilst keeping the enamel safe and damage-free.

In addition to Enlighten being kind and gentle to your teeth, we are proud to supply a product that is kind for the planet too. Enlighten whitening is vegan friendly and is never tested on animals. The kit is packaged using 90% less plastic waste and as a company, Enlighten remove double the amount of plastic from the environment that they put in. Here at Inspired we endeavour to continuously better our treatments and this is equally important when selecting partner brands to collaborate with, we ensure that our high-quality care is matched in their products.

Benefits of tooth whitening
Tooth whitening can improve the brightness and whiteness of natural teeth, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the smile. Whiter teeth can increase confidence and self-esteem, leading to improved social interactions and potentially professional opportunities. According to recent studies, it has been found that there is an association between the appearance of a smile and achieving professional opportunities. A well-maintained smile can often make a positive impression as it is seen as a reflection of an individual’s personal care and attention to detail. Conversely, noticeable flaws my inadvertently affect how others perceive an individual.

Most tooth whitening methods are non-invasive and can be performed relatively quickly. Non-invasive procedures typically involve minimal to no discomfort during and after treatment, making them a comfortable option for patients and since they do not require the removal of healthy tooth structure, the tooth’s integrity is preserved. Tooth whitening treatments can be tailored to individual needs and preferences, offering various methods and strengths to achieve desired results. Non-invasive whitening techniques carry very low risks of complications such as infection or damage to surrounding structures.

Things to consider
One common side effective of tooth whitening is increased tooth sensitivity, which can cause some levels of discomfort especially with cold or hot foods and drinks.

The effects of tooth whitening are not permanent, although you will never return to your pre-whitening shade results may fade over long periods of time and will require periodic touch-ups or maintenance treatments to sustain results.

Tooth whitening may not be suitable for individuals with certain dental conditions or oral health issues. It is essential to consult with a dental professional to determine if the tooth whitening is the right option for you and to discuss any potential risks or concerns.

How do I start my teeth whitening journey?

  1. Book a consultation with one of our highly trained and accredited dentists here at Inspired. At your consultation we will assess the health of your teeth and gums to ensure they are clinically stable to undergo teeth whitening treatment. We will perform an intra-oral scan to create a 3D digital model to send to Enlighten’s Lab. This will enable their technicians to create your precision applicator trays, these whitening trays are custom designed and manufactured with laser accuracy giving patients uniform results.
  2. Once your custom-made whitening trays have arrived, you will be booked in for your whitening fit appointment. Your dental professional will talk you through how to wear your trays with the whitening gel at home. Unlike previous systems, EVO4 whitening system is carried out purely at home, preventing the need for additional chairside appointments with your dentist.
  3. Once you have whitened your teeth, you will never return to your original shade, however it is normal to experience some level of relapse. With the help of Enlighten’s top-up syringes, you can maintain the brighter shades indefinitely, without having to alter your diet or limit consumption of staining agents like red wine and coffee. Teeth whitening results vary from person to person, anywhere between months and years.

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