Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) The parties to this agreement are the Patient and Inspired Dental Care (“IDC”).

2) In consideration of the Patient paying the Monthly Fee, IDC agrees to provide the dental services to the Patient as detailed in Schedule 1 to this agreement. IDC shall delegate the provision of these dental services to suitably qualified registered practitioners practising at IDC’s premises.

3) The following treatments are for the purposes of this agreement exempt from discounts:

a. Tooth Whitening

b. Orthodontic treatment

c. Implants, Implant retained dentures

d. Oral hygiene products and Sundries

e. Necessary medicines and drugs for home use

f. Charges for broken/missed appointments

4) IDC has arranged Accident & Emergency Dental Insurance cover through Practice Plan Ltd for Patient’s of IDC who are enrolled onto a Dental Membership Plan. Full details of the cover provided by Practice Plan and their terms and conditions are available on request. The policy provides cover for:

a. Emergency treatment arising from accidents and trauma

b. oral cancer

c. call out fees and emergency treatment in emergency situations whilst you are away from home

d. call out fees if you have a dental emergency and have to visit IDC outside of normal surgery hours. Please note that the policy covers the call out fees and emergency treatment only, but not the full cost of treatment in these situations.

5) The Patient may terminate this agreement by giving at least two months written notice to IDC. IDC may terminate this agreement by giving at least two months written notice to the Patient provided that the Patient is not undergoing a course of treatment from IDC which will take more than one month to complete, in which case the agreement will terminate on completion of the treatment. There will be no refund for any “unused” services.

6) The fee will be reviewed annually. IDC will inform the Patient in January of each year of any changes to the monthly fee that will apply from the following 1st April.

7) In the event of the monthly fee being unpaid for one month after it has become due, IDC may terminate this agreement by giving one month’s written notice to the Patient. The Patient will be liable to IDC for all sums due to IDC under this agreement until the date of termination of this agreement, which is two months after the payment due date. If the Patient wishes to re-enrol onto a Dental Plan an administration fee of £15 will be charged.

8) The Monthly Fee will be taken by monthly direct debit through Practice Plan Ltd (see clause 14 below) and will continue to be taken until this agreement is terminated. Payments will be taken on 1st day of each month. The first payment may be taken up to 2 months after the date of this agreement due to administrative reasons and will consist of a “double payment” to include payment for the first and second months.

9) The Patient will attend the practice when asked to do so for treatment or examination purposes. If the Patient fails to attend an appointment or fails to give IDC 48 hours notice of cancellation, this appointment will count as one of the two annual appointments available under the Dental Plan. If the Patient fails to attend the second appointment as well as the first, IDC shall be entitled to terminate this agreement.

10) The Patient is responsible for ensuring that they make appointments with IDC. There will be no refunds for any “unused” services, nor can they be carried forward from one year to another.

11) This agreement is personal to IDC and any registered practitioners practising at IDC’s premises. The benefits cannot be transferred to treatment or examinations provided by any other dental practitioner or at any other dental practice.

12) Any disputes arising under this agreement shall be settled by arbitration if they cannot be settled through IDC’s complaints procedure.

13) All written notices should be sent by recorded delivery to the last known address of IDC or the Patient.

14) IDC’s Dental Plans are administered by:

Practice Plan Ltd in respect of insurance are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England No. 3686765

15) Practice Plan Ltd in respect of administering your Direct Debit payments.

16) Registered office for Practice Plan is: Cambrian Works, Gobowen Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1HS

17) Practice Plan Ltd is not party to this agreement and as such have no liability to the Patient.

18) IDC and the Patient agree that this agreement is governed and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.