Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Posted by Morgado-IDC | 19th January 2022 | Team News

Today we would like to introduce you to Charlotte (aka Char). Char has recently started with us as an apprentice Dental Nurse. She has 10 months experience elsewhere under her belt and we are so excited to see what the future holds for her.

“I have recently started at inspired dental care as an apprentice dental nurse. I am excited to start college and learn the science behind dentistry. In my spare time I enjoy catching up with my friends and spending time with my two dogs.”

We would also like to introduce you to Saski. Saski has been with us for a few months now as our trainee dental nurse and since starting she has shown great progress and knowledge within her work.

“I’ve been working at Inspired Dental Care for about 3 months now training to be a fully qualified dental nurse. I’m thoroughly enjoying working alongside so many talented dentists & therapists. I’m looking forward to starting my course in November & learning more in depth about dentistry. I enjoy spending my time outside of work with my friends & family, making the most of the weekends.”


Elle Hetherington

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