EmergenSEA Duo – Super Success Story

EmergenSEA Duo – Super Success Story

Posted by Morgado-IDC | 22nd February 2022 | Team News

As many of you already know two of our incredible patients Adam and Charlie decided to take on the tremendous challenge of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic in the ‘world’s toughest rowing race’! Here at Inspired Dental Care we were absolutely thrilled to be a sponsor and help them with their fundraising target raising money for RNLI, Devon Air Ambulance Trust, MIND, RD&E Charity. The pair of doctors did an amazing job and completed their quest in 51 days 3 hours and 48 minutes and were the first married couple to complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in the process – incredible! Not only this, but Adam and Charlie placed 1st out of the mixed pairs!

Currently so far, the pair have managed to raise an amazing £24,000! But these two are not stopping there. Both Adam and Charlie have set themselves a goal of £100,000 and they have other events up their sleeves to help do so. One of which will be a gala full of sea stories, lessons they have learnt along the way and an auction. If you would like to have a further read about their trip and how you can donate/get involved in the fundraising please visit their website below.

Some last thoughts from them both;
“We have raised over 24K so far for our amazing charities
We saw incredible wildlife; we had 2 birds follow us from the 2nd day until the penultimate day and
were lucky enough to see Orcas.
We rowed 24/7 in 2 hour shifts and for the last 48 hours rowed 2 up and had 1 hour each of sleep!
Adam lost 9kg of body mass (11%) and Charlie lost 11kg (17%)

The link for donations is through our website: https://www.emergenseaduo.com/donations

Well done Adam and Charlie – you are both truly Incredible!

IDC Team

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